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What Is Crisis Negotiation?

If you like suspenseful television shows, you have probably watched at least one episode with a dramatic hostage situation. With your eyes glued to the screen, you anxiously waited for the police detective to convince the offender to let the hostage(s) go. Although this might be entertaining for a television series, crisis negotiation is very serious in the real world. In addition, crisis negotiation is not limited to law enforcement. Businesses are sometimes taken “hostage” as well.

Photo by Harri Kuokkanen on Unsplash

Crisis Negotiation in Law Enforcement

Perhaps the most common type of crisis negotiation is within law enforcement and disaster relief agencies. These are the kinds of situations that involve human hostages and risks to physical safety. From police and sheriff departments to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to SWAT teams, law enforcement officers use crisis negotiation tactics to de-escalate potentially life-threatening situations. This kind of crisis negotiation involves the use of special crisis negotiation equipment and substantial safety training. By utilizing these resources, the goal is to save lives while avoiding unnecessary risk to officers, citizens and victims.

Crisis Negotiation in the Business World

In a world full of rapid change and uncertainty, no one knows when a crisis will occur in the business world. Whereas law enforcement crisis negotiation involves physical safety risks, crisis negotiation in the business world can involve company and financial risks. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for organizations to adopt crisis management plans that include crisis negotiation. As with crises found in law enforcement, crises in the business world can be high stakes. With any kind of high-stakes situation, is important to remain calm and to keep one’s emotions in check.

Crisis Negotiation Tips 

Whether you are dealing with crisis negotiation as a law enforcement officer or as a business owner, there are things you can do to make things smoother. First and foremost, prepare your team for disaster. Preparation can eliminate significant stress. During a negotiation, practice empathy and active listening skills. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes can help build a relationship, and, in turn, help build trust.

The Best Essential Art Tools For Graphic Artists

There might be no part of globe or any profession that does not need the service of a graphic designer. The least indirect interaction that any business can expect with a graphic designer is creating an awesome logo for its business. Today, lots of software and tools have been developed to make the complex tasks of graphic designers very easy and fast. Let’s have a look on some of the best art tools for the graphic artists.

Deviant ART

Deviantart is probably one the most popular art tools for graphic artists. It is an online platform for community of artwork, photography and videography. It offers the artworks in several categories such as digital art, photography, traditional art, flash, literature and skins for applications. Supplementary features comprise polls, journals, portfolios and groups.


Pixlr is a famous cloud-based platform for image tools and utilities. It offers numerous photo editors, photo sharing service and a browser extension for screen recording. The app of Pixlr provides the best feature of simple to advanced level photo editing.

PicMarkr Pro

PicMark Pro is the software which helps the graphic artists to Import the photos and pictures from computer or Flickr account, Add image or text watermark to the pictures, provides professional presets for watermarks related to text and gives an opportunity to edit all the characteristics of watermark such as fonts, transparency, backgrounds, color etc.

Wacom Bamboo

Wacom Bamboo is a Pen Tablet which enables to see the virtual canvas of your computer. It allows you to generate digital artwork just with pen touch. The Wacom bamboo tablet can simulates the instinctive feeling of pen on the paper thanks to its textured feature. Wacom pen tablets are easy to set up with user-friendly features. It can work with lots of creative programs. Moreover, it comes in bundled packs of software which are designed for just for the creative such as ArtRage® Studio and Autodesk SketchBook Express.

An early Christmas gift for my daughter

This is a late thank you post for my friend Kaye and husband Paulie, both of Squeesome Design Studio.

bamboo tablet2

bamboo tablet

My daughter is very happy and appreciative to receive this Bamboo tablet from the good couple.

This gadget is very important to my daughter to further develop her artistic ability. Thank you so much for this early Christmas blessing, Kaye and Paulie!

Love you, Mare! 🙂