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Digital Illustration 2022

These are my daughter’s recent digital illustrations. I’ve lifted them from her Instagram posts with her permission.

Been obsessed with Arcane recently and just had to make a Powder/Jinx fanart  #arcane #powder #jinx #arcanefanart #leagueoflegends #artph
 #art2022 #digitalpainting #digitalillustration #sodiumomi #animatedillustration

Dear daughter is busy with work, but she finds time to squeeze in what she loves doing in her spare time.

Can’t count how many times I’ve watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, it’s such a comfort movie for me ✨🌻

#kikisdeliveryservice #kiki #jiji #studioghibli #artph #art2022 
#digitalpainting #digitalillustration #animatedillustration #sodiumomi

How time flies, the young girl who dreams of becoming a graphic artist has slowly realized her dream.

Customized Couple Shirt Design

My daughter’s simple shirt design that I requested her to create for our 25th wedding anniversary. She exactly knows what I want, something simple but soothing to the eyes. I also love the pastel colors. I’ve given her a hand to choose the design and color. I’m glad she picked the right one. She made another design that I intend to put on a canvas bag. 

I requested this design for her Dad, who loves plants so much. Thanks, N, for the gift. I appreciate it a lot. Love you!

Landscape Art by Khalil

I wish I could share a lot of his recent works here, but I need to get permission first. Otherwise, he would give me a mouthful, LOL. But here’s one that I think looks pleasing to my eye. 🙂

By the way, he is accepting art commission these days. He is earning his own money while studying at home.