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What Is Crisis Negotiation?

If you like suspenseful television shows, you have probably watched at least one episode with a dramatic hostage situation. With your eyes glued to the screen, you anxiously waited for the police detective to convince the offender to let the hostage(s) go. Although this might be entertaining for a television series, crisis negotiation is very serious in the real world. In addition, crisis negotiation is not limited to law enforcement. Businesses are sometimes taken “hostage” as well.

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Crisis Negotiation in Law Enforcement

Perhaps the most common type of crisis negotiation is within law enforcement and disaster relief agencies. These are the kinds of situations that involve human hostages and risks to physical safety. From police and sheriff departments to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to SWAT teams, law enforcement officers use crisis negotiation tactics to de-escalate potentially life-threatening situations. This kind of crisis negotiation involves the use of special crisis negotiation equipment and substantial safety training. By utilizing these resources, the goal is to save lives while avoiding unnecessary risk to officers, citizens and victims.

Crisis Negotiation in the Business World

In a world full of rapid change and uncertainty, no one knows when a crisis will occur in the business world. Whereas law enforcement crisis negotiation involves physical safety risks, crisis negotiation in the business world can involve company and financial risks. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for organizations to adopt crisis management plans that include crisis negotiation. As with crises found in law enforcement, crises in the business world can be high stakes. With any kind of high-stakes situation, is important to remain calm and to keep one’s emotions in check.

Crisis Negotiation Tips 

Whether you are dealing with crisis negotiation as a law enforcement officer or as a business owner, there are things you can do to make things smoother. First and foremost, prepare your team for disaster. Preparation can eliminate significant stress. During a negotiation, practice empathy and active listening skills. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes can help build a relationship, and, in turn, help build trust.

Documents You Need When Applying for an ITIN

When obtaining an ITIN from the federal U.S. government, there are several documents that must be submitted. It is essential to ensure that the application is complete before filing it with the IRS.

Form W-7

Before being issued an ITIN number, it is required that applicants submit the official W7 form. This is the IRS document used for an ITIN application. Form W7 is usually filed by mailing it to the IRS with a valid U.S. federal tax return. The form should be placed in front of the tax return documents. This form can also be filed in person by visiting an IRS-designated Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC).

Identification Documents

To get assigned an ITIN, it is necessary to provide proper identification.  The IRS accepts several different types of ID:

  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • S. or foreign driver’s license
  • Foreign or United States Military ID
  • Visa (must be issued by the U.S. Department of State)
  • Photo ID from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

A passport is the highest recommended from of ID, as this is the only identification document which can be accepted without being accompanied by additional documentation. If the applicant doesn’t have a valid passport, then other forms of identifying documents are needed.  It is also important to note that for minors being claimed as dependents, school records or a civil birth certificate is required.

Tax Return and Other Documents

Applying for an ITIN also requires the inclusion of an original U.S. federal income tax return.  There are some additional documents needed, as well. For example, if it applies to the particular situation, then the SSA letter of denial is needed. Furthermore, it is necessary to include unexpired, hard copy documents demonstrating ID and “foreign status” or relation to a country besides the U.S. These must be either original documents or copies certified by the issuing agency, meaning they contain its official stamp or seal.

Reliable Assistance

For help learning how to apply for ITIN, visit the ITIN W7 Application site today. Their resources should help provide necessary details regarding required documentation and the process of filing a W-7.

Importance of Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover

What is this? errors and omissions insurance is the type of insurance cover that professionals take to cover against mistakes that may cause financial harm to another party. This is the kind of insurance cover that an insurance broker or a freelance accountant would take. Such errors as they would make could prove to be very costly to their clients and a lawsuit would definitely follow. This kind of cover will insulate one from facing the cost of the lawsuits that would be sure to follow the professional mistakes. It is taken separately, from the more common general insurance covers for business. This cover takes care of a professional liability claim against a company.