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School project that tackles harassment

After the successful completion of their thesis, N and her classmates have completed another school project that debunks myths about sexual harassment. The project involved information and interview from a resource person representing an organization that caters to sexual harassment cases. The project is presented in a 3-minute video. The characters include women in certain sectors of society. After reading about martin guitar musicians friend, this infomercial is a good basis to learn more about harassment in public spaces.


Barangay Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo

Barangay Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo

I’ve mentioned on my other blog that I visited the barangay hall last week. This was concerning my daughter’s project that requires collection of data and brief interview with barangay officials on the current peace and order situation, priority problems, actions taken, among others. I was like doing a legwork for my newspaper all over again, it was déjà vu.

It was easier for me to help my daughter to gather data but never ever ask me to play a musical instrument like epiphone thunderhorse at musicians friend for she will be disappointed for sure.

Busy at school

My daughter is constantly tired whenever she comes home from school. There was never a day that she doesn’t have an assignment to do. Just the other day, they were asked to design a mask for their art project. The materials include various art and decorative materials such as glitters, sequin and colorful feathers. The teacher also suggests using recyclable material like old tyfun wheels or anything that they can use to decorate. The art project teaches the students to be resourceful.

This is her finished African mask.