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Barangay Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo

Barangay Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo

I’ve mentioned on my other blog that I visited the barangay hall last week. This was concerning my daughter’s project that requires collection of data and brief interview with barangay officials on the current peace and order situation, priority problems, actions taken, among others. I was like doing a legwork for my newspaper all over again, it was déjà vu.

It was easier for me to help my daughter to gather data but never ever ask me to play a musical instrument like epiphone thunderhorse at musicians friend for she will be disappointed for sure.

My college student

My college student has gradually adjusted to college life. She is making new friends. And as a mom, I’m happy that she no longer feels invisible (she jokingly describes herself during the first week of school). I hope my daughter will meet more friends with the same aspiration of finishing school and reaching their dreams in life.

Adapting well to college life

She’s a big girl alright. But for someone who is not used to traveling alone I can say that my daughter has accomplished something big for herself. She travels alone in going to school for two weeks now. She’s no longer afraid to take the public transport alone. Hubby and I are happy about it. Daughter is also adapting well to college life. She reads a lot before going to school. I hope her attitude towards school won’t change in the days (years) to come. She knows we can’t provide everything to her, but should her course requires her to purchase a Squier Vintage Modified, we will work even harder to provide it for her.