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Lesser time to draw


My daughter will have lesser time to enjoy her favorite past time because she will have a busy schedule as college student. She has a total of 8 subjects for this semester and she needs ample time to study each subjects well. Many of her subjects require research. Should one subject require a research about stainless steel shim, it would be easier to check on it online but studying its purpose is another thing. She needs more time to adjust so she’ll have lesser time to draw.

Applied for entrance exam

My daughter submitted an application form to a Manila university for entrance examination. Good thing she was accompanied by her classmate and best friend who also took the entrance test a few weeks ago. I know that in time my daughter will learn to commute on her own. She is scheduled to take her entrance test on September 30.

As for program preferences, she chose advertising under the college of architecture and fine arts and architecture under the college of architecture and fine arts as well. I’ve written in a previous post about her interest to take up fine arts. She doesn’t want to take up a course that will require her to solve numbers. She loves to draw and perhaps design a Tube Bending machine in the future.

College course

My daughter is really interested to take up Fine Arts in college. Hubby and I tried to persuade her to take up something else, but she won’t change her mind she still wants to pursue Fine Arts after high school. Her older cousin is also convincing her to consider Computer Science, but my daughter is not interested in taking mathematical courses or subjects that deal with software similar to attendance software from Gneil.com. She’d probably take up anything except a math course. She loves to draw and she wanted to explore the craft by taking up Fine Arts.