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This is it!

I saw this post from a parents group whose children are grown and flown. I can relate to it because, like her (the mom), we will be making our final college tuition payment for our youngest child this month.

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

It’s no mean feat to support a child to college, and yes, we did it. 

We are also thankful that the child persisted through the difficulties of online learning. A few more months ‘til graduation, we can start saving for our home project and perhaps for our retirement.

I hope she passes her exam today

Naomi’s classmate Gladys

Naomi is taking her first college entrance examination today. Her dad accompanies her. She doesn’t look like nervous at all according to her dad who texted me. She knows that we cannot afford the tuition fee in that prestigious school, but she said she wanted to pass the test just the same. The test will last for five long hours and may include a practical test (if that’s what they call it) wherein they will be asked to draw if they will pursue a course in Fine Arts and Architecture.

She’s so busy the past few weeks and wasn’t able to draw. I scan through her drawing pad and saw this. It was her classmate’s portrait.

Applied for entrance exam

My daughter submitted an application form to a Manila university for entrance examination. Good thing she was accompanied by her classmate and best friend who also took the entrance test a few weeks ago. I know that in time my daughter will learn to commute on her own. She is scheduled to take her entrance test on September 30.

As for program preferences, she chose advertising under the college of architecture and fine arts and architecture under the college of architecture and fine arts as well. I’ve written in a previous post about her interest to take up fine arts. She doesn’t want to take up a course that will require her to solve numbers. She loves to draw and perhaps design a Tube Bending machine in the future.