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Hidden talent

One of my kids is fixated with drawing and sketches, the other one is, um, until now couldn’t decide what he really likes. Sometimes, he loves to make this miniature office set sans leather furniture dye. At one point, he loves to learn dressmaking. Thanks to my sister in law for painstakingly teaching him the basics (or was it SIL who did the little outfit). The little dresses are intended for his sister’s Barbie dolls. But seriously, if he intends to pursue a career related to textile or fashion, I don’t really mind. I’m always here to support him all the way. 

Thankful for God-given Talent

I feel so proud everytime someone praises my daughter for her portrait drawings. I never imagine her to be that good at her age. Although she loves to doodle at an early age, she only learned to draw the exact image of a person when she turned 9 or 10. I guess it was Michael Jackson who inspires her to draw more. She drew various images of the international pop icon after his death. Later on, she started to draw other famous and well-loved artists of their time.

Someday soon she can be consigned to do portrait for other people. And she intends to do this to support her hobby and studies as well. Since she is doing portraits, it doesn’t affect her drawing whether the model is wearing womens coats or just a simple outfit.

Hubby and I believe that God has given her talent that we hope she’ll use to inspire others.

Nurture Your Little Artist

Here are a few of the things you can do to encourage our budding little painters and artists to the world of arts and drawing. Firstly, to encourage them to draw and paint more, give them drawing and art materials as gifts. Exposing them to the arts by introducing them to artists their age and bringing them to art galleries and exhibitions are also sure-fire way to inspire them to pursue their craft. Most importantly, encourage your little artist by being their number one fan, put their artworks in frames or display them in your living room for everyone to see and appreciate. We are also our children’s first teachers and it is up to us to nurture them to achieve their fullest potentials and to be the best that they can be.