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Why Doodle Art is Popular

Doodle art is very popular because a lot of artists do it. There are world renowned artists that have first started to realize their love for art because of the doodles that they did. It is true that doodle art is popular but there are also some skeptics because they think that there is nothing so special about it because everybody doodles especially when they are bored. Some even say that doodle art is not that much different from color brochure printing wherein some of the brochures will already look similar even though they have been printed to promote different things. Doodle art is popular because it reaches out to people and makes them realize that anything and everything can actually be beautiful. A doodle that is so simple may mean a thousand words to someone.

Doodle above courtesy of my son’s classmate.

Thankful for God-given Talent

I feel so proud everytime someone praises my daughter for her portrait drawings. I never imagine her to be that good at her age. Although she loves to doodle at an early age, she only learned to draw the exact image of a person when she turned 9 or 10. I guess it was Michael Jackson who inspires her to draw more. She drew various images of the international pop icon after his death. Later on, she started to draw other famous and well-loved artists of their time.

Someday soon she can be consigned to do portrait for other people. And she intends to do this to support her hobby and studies as well. Since she is doing portraits, it doesn’t affect her drawing whether the model is wearing womens coats or just a simple outfit.

Hubby and I believe that God has given her talent that we hope she’ll use to inspire others.