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Why young girls love Barbie

Childhood is never complete without having or seeing a doll. It is one of the childhood friends you rely on when you are going to sleep or when you are playing. Barbie is loved by almost all the girls in the world because she symbolizes timeless beauty. Imagine having Barbie around for centuries now yet girls tend to ask for them until now. Barbie is an iconic character which is made to reflect girls dream appearance and shape. It is also manufactured in different race that also holds elegance like no other dolls. You can still find adults who are still hooked into her and collects every model of her wearing different outfit including that of baby phat coat as a nurse (have you seen one yet?). Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Project Runaway

So, the kid started doing tiny get up for Barbie. He must be inspired by the creative genius of those who participate in the reality fashion design show called Project Runaway. He hand sewn miniature dresses and took pictures of them with Barbie in it. Too bad, mommy wasn’t able to gather his previous “projects” as they got lost in the pile of toys at home.

I guess he wants to pursue a career in fashion designing in the future and there’s nothing wrong with that. I will not be surprised if one day he will be creating Pretty Polly suspender tights one of these days. I let the kid enjoy what he’s doing right now because I don’t want him to give me a problem later on. Lucky for me, he’s not acting stubborn if he doesn’t get what he wants. I guess I just have to deal with the clutter after every sewing project.

Hidden talent

One of my kids is fixated with drawing and sketches, the other one is, um, until now couldn’t decide what he really likes. Sometimes, he loves to make this miniature office set sans leather furniture dye. At one point, he loves to learn dressmaking. Thanks to my sister in law for painstakingly teaching him the basics (or was it SIL who did the little outfit). The little dresses are intended for his sister’s Barbie dolls. But seriously, if he intends to pursue a career related to textile or fashion, I don’t really mind. I’m always here to support him all the way.