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Barangay Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo

Barangay Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo

I’ve mentioned on my other blog that I visited the barangay hall last week. This was concerning my daughter’s project that requires collection of data and brief interview with barangay officials on the current peace and order situation, priority problems, actions taken, among others. I was like doing a legwork for my newspaper all over again, it was déjà vu.

It was easier for me to help my daughter to gather data but never ever ask me to play a musical instrument like epiphone thunderhorse at musicians friend for she will be disappointed for sure.

I miss her drawings

The young lady is too busy with studies these days that she can’t find time to draw.

All of her drawings are remarkable (that’s her number one fan talking here 🙂 ), but this one is too cute not to share. The Glee cast.


(From top left to bottom) There’s Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Puck, Artie, Tina, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, and Kurt right there. I miss Finn.

Quality Benchtop Lathes by the MDA Precision

The MDA Precision offers a wide variety of products for use in various manufacturing fields. Basically all of the machine systems are made in USA and Germany in order to ensure that they meet the international engineering standards. Examples of some of the key machine systems made by the MDA Precision include benchtop lathe systems, benchtop milling machines and micro drilling machines among others. These are available in a wide variety so as to ensure that they meet the diverse needs of the customers in accordance to their category of business or company. In addition to this, MDA Precision has ensured that only the very good micro CNC mill machine systems are sold via their shop in order to meet the function(s) that they have been designed for.

Similarly to the CNC mills, MDA Precision further specializes in the making of benchtop lathes. The three main types of benchtop lathes are the CNC, benchtop and the manual lathes. These are purposely made to enable easier cutting of different kinds of materials such as titanium, wax and aluminum among others. Different kinds of cuts can hence be made on these materials for there are various machines designed to give different cuts, such as the small lathes and the benchtop lathes. MDA Precision further develops and manufactures different tools that are usually used hand in hand with the machines. The development and manufacturing process therefore takes into account the micro but very important details required in the manufacture of different benchtop drilling and milling machines and tools in order to offer the customers the best quality machines at the most competitive price.

The benchtop lathes are actually among the best lathes available due to their special features that include quality, durability and precision. At such, they are very much capable of delivering both precision and extreme rigidity while in use. In addition to this, the awesome benchtop lathe has other additional features that include an automatic tool exchanger, a 5-axis simultaneous CNC system, various spindle application options and an advanced 6-axis control system. As mentioned, the lathes are as well very rigid and reliable and the MDA Precision actually takes the responsibility of ensuring that they provide very good support and customer service to their clients.

The CNC, benchtop as well as the manual lathes can be used in various machine applications such as in R & D systems, the medical, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and education applications among others. Despite having these machinery systems being highly essential and reliable and driven to give accurate performances, they are sold at very reasonable prices.