Monthly Archives: May 2011

School uniform


My kids have two pairs of school uniform. I’m supposed to order two new pairs from our dressmaker to replace the ones that do not fit anymore. My son seems to be taking hgh, because he grows like a sprout. No wonder his school pants appear shorter when he wears them. I hope the dressmaker can do something about it so we can save money. The dressmaker will have to add extra fabric or trim to make the pants longer. My daughter’s skirts only need adjustment on the waist area. It’s been tough lately, so we have to do whatever is necessary to make ends meet.

Art exhibit

Hubby and I were always discussing about our children’s future. He said he wants us to see our daughter set up her own portrait exhibit someday.

He has artist friends who usually conduct their own exhibit. He said one of them expresses interest to invite our daughter (I’m not sure if it’s half meant) to an exhibit. If that’s the case, my husband said, we would need Banner stand to display her drawings. Would I be excited about the prospect of preparing my daughter’s own exhibit? I am!