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DIY photo light box

Our handyman (Daddy dearest) is at it again. This time he helped our son create a light box, a DIY photo light box.

The materials are simple and inexpensive except for the light bulbs. From the usual ‘tambak‘ inside the house, hubby was able to collect karton box, parchment paper, and a shaky camera tripod.

The procedure is simple: 

Find an old carton box. Slit the corners to create a wide opening…place two led lamp of about 20 watts each inside. Cover the front with transparent paper for a soft light effect. The old camera tripod is used as stand. 

The photo light box, by the way, was intended for Kyle’s photography class project.



I took these labelers out to try if they are still working. I kept them for a while because the kids no longer find it cute to have their school stuff adorned with colorful name labels. I’m thinking of using these labelers for other purpose like placing a label to opaque food containers. I could also use these to label containers with stuffs that are off limits to kids like prescription medicine.

Science project

My son is working on this school project when the light suddenly went out. Good thing we have a backup incandescent light bulb to replace the busted one. It saves my son the trouble of transferring to another room where the light is dimmer. The young guy finished his project in no time and got an A minus for it. Not bad eh.

School uniform


My kids have two pairs of school uniform. I’m supposed to order two new pairs from our dressmaker to replace the ones that do not fit anymore. My son seems to be taking hgh, because he grows like a sprout. No wonder his school pants appear shorter when he wears them. I hope the dressmaker can do something about it so we can save money. The dressmaker will have to add extra fabric or trim to make the pants longer. My daughter’s skirts only need adjustment on the waist area. It’s been tough lately, so we have to do whatever is necessary to make ends meet.