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Art exhibit

Hubby and I were always discussing about our children’s future. He said he wants us to see our daughter set up her own portrait exhibit someday.

He has artist friends who usually conduct their own exhibit. He said one of them expresses interest to invite our daughter (I’m not sure if it’s half meant) to an exhibit. If that’s the case, my husband said, we would need Banner stand to display her drawings. Would I be excited about the prospect of preparing my daughter’s own exhibit? I am!

Make Me Wanna Scream

Tried to draw Michael using colored pencils here. I really enjoyed drawing this one, and even if colored pencils are really tricky, it was still a joy to do this! Michael is performing Thriller here during the Bad era, but I decided to name it “Make Me wanna Scream” for Michael seemed to shout here.

That’s my daughter Naomi commenting on her own drawing at artwanted.com. Michael Jackson appears so slim in the drawing. I wonder if he ever took Lipofuze to maintain his built when he was alive.