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What the Bible Says About Tattoos

There are a lot of rules that have been created by people who are religious because of how they have understood the bible. One of the topics that are tackled in the bible is Tattoos. It has been stated in Leviticus 19:28, “You must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves.” Based on this, people who are highly religious have said that they should not have any tattoos placed on themselves. They may condone other people who have tattoos on their bodies.

Should the decision about tattoos only be based on what the bible says about tattoos? It has also been stated that people’s bodies should be sacrificed in order to become acceptable by God. Does it mean that just because people have tattoos in their bodies, they are not acceptable already?

Some people would like to get tattoos in order to express themselves and to show their individuality but they try to consult the bible in order to learn if having a tattoo placed upon themselves is a sin or not.

In order to become truly ready in order to become part of the kingdom of God, the most important thing to do is to accept God in our lives. If you have stayed away from going to church for a long time, you have to start accepting the word of God again. You have to prove yourself worthy of receiving Christ again. Once you have repented from all of your sins, then you can become clean enough spiritually to become commendable and worthy of the Lord.

Owl tats


What will you do if your kid wanted to have a tattoo so bad that she didn’t even asked for your permission before she had one done?

Thank goodness this owl tattoo is just made from an erasable ink and N did it by herself.