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Birthday present to herself

colorpen cannister

N got herself this new color pencil set as birthday present. She used her savings to buy this drawing material that she’s been wanting to purchase since last year.


This type of color pencil is quite expensive and the lead is quite delicate so it should be handled carefully to prevent it from breaking.

Christmas wish list

My daughter has a simple wish this Christmas; she wants a set of colored pencil for her drawing projects. She’s been looking for Prismacolor set of 24. I already bought her first set of 12, but some colors have been used up. The pencils are expensive but I will try to grant her request as soon as I received my payment from an online gig this month.

I’m also thinking if it’s practical to buy her a leather briefcase to keep her drawings. I know my daughter would be happy with the idea, but she would prefer to have her colored pencil first before anything else.