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Graduation 2012

Parents with kids who graduated from school are floating on cloud nine these days. All their hard work and commitment to send their children to school have paid off. I can so relate to all of them because I have a son who graduated from Grade 6 and a daughter who completed third year high school. It’s overwhelming to see them walk up on stage to receive their diploma and awards. Even parents who are based abroad would never pass the chance of sharing that special moment with their kids even through teleconferencing services. That’s the beauty of the internet; you will never miss an important occasion with your family no matter how many miles you are apart from each other.

For my kids: Seeing you both accomplished something for yourselves means that we have done something right in raising the two of you. We love you guys!

Graduation gift

Hubby got our son a nice wristwatch as graduation gift last week. We also treat our kids to a movie and a sumptuous snack in one of the popular malls near our area. It is our simple way of celebrating our children’s hard work and success in school. What’s admirable about them is that they don’t expect anything lavish or grand from us. They are happy with the little things that we can get them because they understand that anything expensive like Monster headphones is not part of our priority list at the moment. We’ve been saving up for their tuition fee this coming school year, so we can not splurge on luxurious items as easy as that.

Kyle’s Graduation

I’m so ecstatic that my son will be graduating from Grade VI next week. It is a big accomplishment for my young boy. He’ll be in high school next school year and I keep on reminding him to give his best shot. He’s kind of taking it easy these past few years. His grades are not dismal though, but I know he can still be in the rank he is supposed to be. He’s good in English and in other subjects, except Math. Given more time to study and less time in front of the computer, he’ll sure make it to the honor roll. I tease him that he’ll not only get gold-plated medals but silver bars, as well. But, no pressure from us, my dear. I know you’ll shine in you own way. We will be here no matter what.