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College graduation gift

In three months’ time my daughter will be graduating from college and we are thankful that despite the financial difficulty we didn’t gave up in supporting her education. We thought of giving her a gift but she requested us to buy her ticket for a two-day conference scheduled next month. I think that is more practical than giving her cheap acoustic guitars at guitarcenter.com.

Graduation gift

Hubby got our son a nice wristwatch as graduation gift last week. We also treat our kids to a movie and a sumptuous snack in one of the popular malls near our area. It is our simple way of celebrating our children’s hard work and success in school. What’s admirable about them is that they don’t expect anything lavish or grand from us. They are happy with the little things that we can get them because they understand that anything expensive like Monster headphones is not part of our priority list at the moment. We’ve been saving up for their tuition fee this coming school year, so we can not splurge on luxurious items as easy as that.