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Entrance exam update

My daughter took an entrance test in a university in Manila last year. She passed the IQ, Math, English and Science tests but her scores did not meet the school’s required cut-off scores. Even if she qualifies to enroll we may not be able to send her to that school because we cannot afford the tuition fee.


Last Saturday, she took another exam for a different school. My daughter said the test was much easier compared to the first one. And they waited for less than an hour to get the result. She passed the entrance examination and qualified for admission. This university offers the course that she wants to pursue. We will try to look for a scholarship to assist us with the expenses. I know it’s going to be tough for all of us next school year.

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Entrance exam

My daughter will be in college next year, but this early we are scouting for universities where she can take an entrance test. I am a product of a state university and I wish my daughter will be able to enjoy the benefits of studying in one, including the subsidized tuition fee. I still remember paying less than $15 every semester. I’m also looking at this state university in Quezon City. Hubby and I wish that we can send one (or both) of our children there. I’m reading related information about this school and I’m glad that one of my friends whose daughter is studying in the same university is generous to share tips on how we can prepare for the entrance test.

I’m also considering other schools in Manila and checking on their websites and affiliate program to know the schedule of their entrance test come June or July.