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Book Matilda Tickets Online

Do you want to attend the Matilda musical? Get your Matilda Tickets for the upcoming musical performance. This year’s Broadway show is all about an amazing girl who dealt a hard-life, but has a strong desire to change her destiny. She uses her intelligence, love of books and vivid imagination to overcome obstacles she faces. This show will enchant both old and young alike and will definitely bring tears to your eyes and also uplift and amuse you.


Reserve and purchase early before they are all sold out. But don’t forget to compare price of Matilda theatre tickets at Big Ticket Shop before you do your purchase. This is a much anticipated performance and it is important you see it for yourself and ravel in the performance. Book your tickets online in advance of the theater performance. Booking online is really affordable and easy. It only takes a few seconds to complete and you will already have access to the show.

When booking make sure you book the time and venue. Check the number of tickets that are available and press the button that will lead you to the purchase section.

Do remember that the button will enable you to purchase what you need. Matilda tickets sell fast therefore get yours early before they are sold out for that theater.

This holiday season is a great one to enjoy the best entertainment. You can book your entire family to watch the show too. It will be a great idea to have them by your side as you watch the performance.

This is one of the most anticipated theater performances in the UK. It is also being watched in the US. Do not be left out. The show will be running until 2014 in some areas in different theaters.


Start planning for the upcoming performance by getting the Matilda tickets early enough. This will at least assure you of seeing the performance of one of the most anticipated performance in the world. The best way of being sure of watching the performance is by getting them now.

Check their official website and choose what you have to purchase. Thereafter, you are all set for the big day. Do not forget to choose your dates and everything else. Booking early enables you to save some money too for spending on popcorn as well. Happy booking!

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Batibot is back!

Do you still remember Batibot, the local counterpart of Sesame Street in the 80’s?

Yes, Batibot will be back on local TV through Channel 5 Kapatid Network!

The popular TV show was conceptualized to teach pre-school kids and older kids Filipino values such as saying “po” and “opo” and “pagmamano”. The show doesn’t only teach kids how to read and count, but familiarize kids with our local culture and heritage.

I know kids of today’s generation are not familiar with the popular children show back then. But your mommy and daddy do. Ask them about Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing and they’ll probably have a lot of wonderful things to say about these cute and bubbly characters that gave joy to millions of Pinoy kids in the era where Internet is not yet a household name.

I’m sure the new Batibot will offer a new and exciting show using state-of-the-art technology and a lot more to adapt to young viewers’ interest. 

I heard the new season will not include my favorite characters Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing, but the there will be Manang Bola and the other lovable muppets to entertain kids.

My kids are bigger now to enjoy the show, but my preschool niece and nephews will surely love Batibot!