Batibot is back!

Do you still remember Batibot, the local counterpart of Sesame Street in the 80’s?

Yes, Batibot will be back on local TV through Channel 5 Kapatid Network!

The popular TV show was conceptualized to teach pre-school kids and older kids Filipino values such as saying “po” and “opo” and “pagmamano”. The show doesn’t only teach kids how to read and count, but familiarize kids with our local culture and heritage.

I know kids of today’s generation are not familiar with the popular children show back then. But your mommy and daddy do. Ask them about Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing and they’ll probably have a lot of wonderful things to say about these cute and bubbly characters that gave joy to millions of Pinoy kids in the era where Internet is not yet a household name.

I’m sure the new Batibot will offer a new and exciting show using state-of-the-art technology and a lot more to adapt to young viewers’ interest. 

I heard the new season will not include my favorite characters Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing, but the there will be Manang Bola and the other lovable muppets to entertain kids.

My kids are bigger now to enjoy the show, but my preschool niece and nephews will surely love Batibot!

16 thoughts on “Batibot is back!

  1. Mrs. Kolca

    we didnt have tv in the province so i dunno about batibot sis.. anyway, hope my daughter can watch it.. love the look of blog now sis.. bagay..^^

  2. Yami

    Clarissa: Yes! Sana maipalabas din diyan sa Japan so your kids could watch and enjoy the show too. Fave ko rin ito although medyo teener na ako non. 🙂

  3. sarah

    OMG! Exciting yan! Napakanta tuloy ako ng Batibot theme song, hehe…yan ang kailangan ng mga techie kids ngayon. I hope mapanood ko pilot airing nito 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Vera

    I'm glad that they're bringing it back but I'm also 'afraid' that it won't live up to the Batibot of the old days. Many of the people behind the old show are probably not around anymore. Maybe they're better off starting an entirely new show based on the same concepts and principles that were the foundation of Batibot.

  5. Yami

    Sarah: You're welcome. Ako din excited to see the pilot episode kahit mommy na ako. 🙂

    Vera: I thought so too. Iba pa rin kung mga original cast ang lalabas. Thanks sis for the comment.

    Working at home: That's great! I hope the new show will be as enjoyable like the original. 🙂

  6. Josie

    okay yun, kasi wla ng sesame street dito sa atin, sayang. kaya lang malabo reception ng ch.5 sa amin. maliwanag lang 7,9,11,21 & 23. kahit ch2 pangit signal.

  7. Yami

    Rose: Ako naman Grade 3 na noon nang magka-TV set kami.

    Josie: Sana nga maganda ang pilot nila at kagatin ng young viewers. miss ko rin ang Sesame Street.


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