He won our first desktop in a trade show

Husband got our first desktop and printer from a raffle during a 1996 trade show in Makati. We were starting a family and buying a new desktop was not a priority so we were ecstatic when hubby brought home the brand new computer and printer.

The desktop behind my husband was the same computer that he won during a trade show in Makati in 1996.

Hubby said the computer trade show attended by luminaries in the IT industry features the different computers and laptops and other cool gadgets.

The trade shows are primarily conducted to show the latest gadget to dominate the market. Trade shows encourage people to buy the product and help manufacturers increase their sales.

Aside from the cool stuff displayed in the trade fair, trade show organizers ensure to make the event site presentable to guests by using state-of-the-art trade show displays, truss, logo floor mats, and exhibit booths.

Usherettes or receptionists would give away colorful handouts about the different products presented in the trade show; some hand out ball pens and other souvenir in the event. They also conduct raffle activity as crowd drawer.

Some trade shows, trade fairs, bazaars and exhibit are held during Christmas season to support important causes and institutions. Products sold here are usually cheaper compared to the regular prize in the market. People usually support this kind of activity for a good cause.

2 thoughts on “He won our first desktop in a trade show

  1. Tetcha

    Your husband is lucky! I never get to win anything big! LOL! Exchange links din tayo dito ha? I'm placing this blog under my list of "Interesting Sites."

  2. Yami

    Ay oo maswerte kami pareho sa raffle noong buntis ako sa panganay at bunso. Thanks for the add sis. Updated na rin sa mga links including yours site ang Yam's Files at yung dalawa ko pang blogs. 🙂


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