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Tummy rub

Our dog, Oreo, knows when to lie down whenever he hears the word ‘rub’. When anyone in my family tells him ‘rub rub’, (I’m actually referring to tummy rub), he’s ready for it anytime. Rub rub is our bonding time.

Oreo is not the cuddly type because he’s quite big for a mixed breed dog. We allow him to roam around the front yard, but if we have enough space we could have bought a dog run so it won’t be much of a hassle to put a leash on him whenever a visitor comes over.

Playful Oreo

Here are some of our favorite shots of Oreo. The spoiled puppy plays with anything that he can tug and toss. You’ll see those “poor” and “badly beaten” toys in my next post. 😀 Notice his last picture, I think he’s chewing on something he’s not allowed to chew. Oh, poor thing.