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Protect your pets from heat stroke

Did you know that even animals are affected by the scorching heat?

Too much heat can make dogs uncomfortable and if you are not aware could lead to their untimely demise because of heat stroke. If your pets would show signs of illness consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Experts suggested simple tips for dog owners. Always provide a clean and cold drinking water to your pet. You can spray cold water on their belly where the fur is thin or place a wet towel around his body to cool his body temperature down.

As for our pet Oreo, I let him wade in a makeshift bathtub using a laundry basin. 😀

Tummy rub

Our dog, Oreo, knows when to lie down whenever he hears the word ‘rub’. When anyone in my family tells him ‘rub rub’, (I’m actually referring to tummy rub), he’s ready for it anytime. Rub rub is our bonding time.

Oreo is not the cuddly type because he’s quite big for a mixed breed dog. We allow him to roam around the front yard, but if we have enough space we could have bought a dog run so it won’t be much of a hassle to put a leash on him whenever a visitor comes over.

A puppy!

My kids’ long time dream has finally come true. They are now the proud and excited owner of a cute puppy we named Oreo! My husband’s co-worker owned the puppy and was kind enough to give Oreo to us.

Oreo was swaddled like a baby when hubby took him home last night. The puppy was so calm all through out their travel from Makati to our home.

They arrived late and the kids didn’t see Oreo until this morning when they wake up early for school. I was excited last night and didn’t notice it was late to do my research on Appetite suppressant diet pills.

It was a joy to see how Oreo made my kids happy.