Monthly Archives: October 2010

Thriller Night!

Dark creepy creature.


Happy Halloween!


Since its Halloween, decided to make an artwork with that theme. Inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. – Naomi

My entry for Photohunt



Clutter keeper

I need one for the kids right now. If you can only see our bedroom, you wouldn’t think it’s a bedroom. It’s like a classroom full of clutters. There are scattered bond and pad papers on the floor. My magazine and book shelf is in disarray including my box where I keep my old letters, post cards; save the date cards and whatnot. I can’t always expect my kids to clean up especially when they are both busy with their respective interests – one is into drawing, the other spending lots of time in front of the computer. Kids!

Maybe a separate clutter keeper will remind them to pick up their separate mess. What do you think?

Trying his luck

Have you tried bidding at online auction sites? Well, my husband does. But he isn’t lucky to win any item that he bids on. I have nothing against auction sites, but I prefer online shops that does not require bidding. I observed that some items on bidding sites even if they seem inexpensive cost much higher than their actual prices. The sellers award the items to the highest bidders.

Hubby is trying his luck again. He is currently watching this auction site that offers laptops, netbooks and digital cameras. Happy bidding, hon! hehe.