Clutter keeper

I need one for the kids right now. If you can only see our bedroom, you wouldn’t think it’s a bedroom. It’s like a classroom full of clutters. There are scattered bond and pad papers on the floor. My magazine and book shelf is in disarray including my box where I keep my old letters, post cards; save the date cards and whatnot. I can’t always expect my kids to clean up especially when they are both busy with their respective interests – one is into drawing, the other spending lots of time in front of the computer. Kids!

Maybe a separate clutter keeper will remind them to pick up their separate mess. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Clutter keeper

  1. Yami

    Hi everyone, so sorry for the uber late reply.

    Seth, I think they have one at National Bookstore or in areas at SM where kitchen appliances are sold.

    Riz, sobrang kalat ang mga teeners ngayon, i think they love it that way, lalo kapag nagrrereview sila, galit sa maayos na room. hehe

    Rose, thanks sis.


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