What inspires me…

I’m inspired to work double time for my family. Hubby and I are blessed to have been entrusted with a project by a former officemate. It’s an opportunity for us to save a little for the education of our children and to pay for some basic expenses here at home. Although it will take several months before we can harvest the fruit of our labor, it’s enough to know that we are looking forward to something positive.

My daughter’s talent in sketching also inspires me these days. She has improved a lot. You should see her latest drawing. I will show you her latest work when I have more time to take pictures. 

I’m also inspired to know that there are friends who remember despite my absence in blogging (blog hop, comment) activity. (Haven’t responded to some greetings at FB as well, pasensya na muna guys).

Also, I’m inspired to be the wife and mother that I am right now because of my family…all because they love me unconditionally…

God, thank you for the blessing.

My entry for Chris’s Inspirational Insights Blog Anniversary Contest

Inspirational Insights

4 thoughts on “What inspires me…

  1. hoshi

    hi! just blog hopping here

    hmmm its nice to have inspirations because even though you have the goal and way to fulfill your dream parang wala ka namang drive to finish it.

    while reading your post, i remember Zoren legazpi's statement in his interview with showbiz central.

    "To Carmina and to my twins, you know noong teenager ako, e, I wanted to accomplish the world. Plano ko noon punta ako sa Hollywood tapos dumating sila sa buhay ko. I did not capture the world, but the universe with them, with me around."

    hehehe napa-research pa raw ako.


  2. Yami

    @Hoshi, nakakatouch naman ang sinabi ni Zoren. Nothing will ever replace the family in our lives, not even wealth or fame. nice shot.

    @Rose, good luck to us. Kung di ako manalo sa contest ni Chris, sana sa contest mo suwertihin ako hehe.


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