Techie gadget for Dad

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

If I’m already working right now, I would buy Daddy the latest gadget in town. This is not to spoil him, but I think Daddy deserves the best in the world just because he’s the best dad for me. My brother and I can request anything from him for as long as he is capable of buying it for us. So when my time comes to reciprocate the good things that he did and will do for our family, I will not think twice of buying him the latest gadget in the market if only I can afford it.

While it is no longer Dad’s Day, Charter is still giving a special deal for Father’s Day where a total of 100 8GB iPod Touch are at stake. Mommy said she will try her luck on this (if she qualifies) and who knows she might get one of the 100 units up for grabs.

My mom said there is no purchase requirement to join the contest. Just Enter now to win an iPod Touch. You will also get a gift card to The Home Depot and other retailers worth $300 when you bring home one of the Charter’s best bundles. Charter is giving away these iPod Touch to promote its new mobile application for iPod, iPhone and Blackbery. Lucky winners will enjoy Charter services at their fingertips. They will be able to check their favorite shows, movie trailers, watch news, sports and weather. You can also seek Charter technical support just in case you need them. And be able to pay your bills through the iPod Touch. You can also get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page.

If you think you qualify to join the contest you should hurry now and don’t miss this techie gadget! While I can’t afford to buy my Dad anything close to this gadget, what I can do for now is to do my best in my studies. That’s the best Dad’s gift I can give him for now.

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