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UK’s first election broadcast urges candidates to support practical and vocational learning

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With only a few days left before the May 6 elections, United Kingdom citizens are urging the main parties who win the poll to push for the implementation of practical and vocational learning in different schools and colleges next to academic learning all over the country.

The residents spoke through the first election broadcast shown at the House of Commons before the elections. The video is addressed to the three main parties especially to Members of Parliament Ed Balls, David Laws, and Michael Gove and their colleagues. Any of these men could be the next Secretary of Education.

The video is a compilation of interviews, social media, online messages, videos and events from a prestigious campaign created by Edge, an independent education foundation dedicated to raise the standing of practical and vocational learning.

The public saw fit the incorporation of vocational courses as part of the UK education and they want the new government to prioritize it.

Parents, academicians, students groups and individuals said it’s about time to let children who do not perform well academically shine. They say it’s through vocational and practical learning that these students are given an opportunity to excel in their own ability and know-how.

Stakeholders are confident that developing practical skills of students boost their self esteem and self worth. They say that teenagers that spend time doing some work while studying enhance their motivation to learn.

Here in the Philippines, the government has its own version of practical and vocational learning institution called TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) that provides technical-vocation skills and know-how to both professionals and out-of-school youth.

However, the agency operates separately from the standard learning institution. The UK residents want vocational courses as part of their curriculum or subjects taught inside the classroom.