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Theater Workshop

Catch this exciting offer from PETA. If you have talented kids or simply want them to enjoy summer through acting workshop, here’s you chance to enroll them. The 2013 PETA Summer Program offers discount for the early enrollees.

Visit PETA through Facebook.com/peta.tapets for more information.

Excited About Summer

The school year is about to end in a couple of weeks, and the kids are excited for summer. They are already planning some activities, including a family outing. Since they missed swimming last summer, we’re looking forward to taking a dip in the salt-water swimming pool at La Mesa Eco Park, where the whole family can enjoy biking, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. I hope my husband can bring his own bike, but the problem is how to transport our bicycles to Eco Park. I wonder if there are taxicabs equipped with thule bike racks or carriers to accommodate them. We haven’t set a date for our outing at Eco Park, but going there is at the top of our list. It’s a cost-effective summer destination because it’s near our place.

Old Summer Photos

Water Fun, Fairview
School field trip in Laguna