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Dedicated student

My daughter no longer needs to be told what to do during school days. Such a trait I always admire in her. She divides her time with her assignments, but at the same time, knows when to relax. Relaxing for this young lady means listening to her favorite songs from her MP3 player for long hours, in fact, she’s sleeping with those earphones (which I don’t really approve of).

To show our daughter how much we appreciate her and her dedication to her studies, hubby and I, try in every way we can to have the things that she needs. Last summer, we bought her a second-hand laptop so she can make her assignments and projects without being interrupted. The family shares one computer after my laptop gave up on me last year. The young lady was grateful that she has her own laptop. It’s not the high-end brand, but functions perfectly well.

For hubby and me, our children are the best gifts that we have ever received and as much as we can, we provide for them to the best of our abilities, or at least, the best that our hard-earned money can afford us.