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Still Awake

My kids are fast asleep and here I am still doing lipozene reviews. I should be catching some sleep right now but sleepiness won’t visit me because I still think about our hospital bill. I’ve mentioned about the hospital policy that requires us to pay 70 percent of the current hospital bill and update every two days. We’ve already settled P12,000 yesterday and we have no idea when we would be discharged.

Just to clear my head for a while, I take time to read or take some photos of the view from the hospital window. Yesterday, I was able to capture a couple of  shots.

Examination Week

Starting yet another busy week for my kids especially for my daughter who started reviewing her lessons since last week. I don’t make hydroxycut reviews anymore because they prepare their own reviewers to study. My participation is only to supervise their review schedules for the exams. My daughter does her own school stuff and need not be reminded all the time. As for my son, well, he still needs constant reminding from me as he spends more time in front of the computer.