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3 Green Ideas for Your Farm

As the world becomes more concerned with greenhouse gases, climate change, and protecting the environment, many industries are looking to make positive and affordable changes to meet the times. This includes farmers and ranchers who want to work with more sustainable and green initiatives. Here are three ways for your farm or ranch to become greener.

Photo by Alberto De quevedo on Unsplash

Open Pasture for Grazing

Whether you are raising chickens, cows, or goats, it is better to raise them in an open pasture. They have space to roam free, act in accordance with their natural states, and graze throughout the day, which is a healthy way for them to eat. As a green initiative, pasture-raised or free-range animal products are widely sought after in today’s consumer market. In order to keep the animals safe, you will need to spend some extra money on good quality ranch fencing Texas to keep them away from your neighbors and the roads.

Solar Panels for Energy

Solar-powered energy is not just for homes. Ranchers and farmers should look into the possibility of installing solar panels on their barns, staples, sheds, and workshops; anywhere you may need to turn on a light, run a generator, or power up a fan or space heater. Solar power is considered a renewable source of energy, so you won’t need to use fossil fuels; plus, it will help you save money on your electric bill.

Rain Collecting for Water

You may not be able to get away with using renewable water sources in every aspect of farming and ranching, but collecting rainwater is a great way to waste less water. By rainwater harvesting, you could save money and water by using rainwater for irrigation, washing, composting, and hydrating your livestock. 

Going green doesn’t have to be complicated if you make a few positive changes on your farm or ranch.