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Opportunities for bloggers

ArticleEx is the website that brings bloggers and advertisers together in perfect synthesis, providing an ideal opportunity for talented, creative and self-motivated bloggers to make money through their writing. Do you fit that description? Then let me tell you how it works.

ArticleEx is utilised by a wide array of companies and individuals who want word of their product to spread organically across the web. They publish full details of their requirements on the website and then bloggers like you write an article to meet those requirements and post it on your personal blog. You decide how much you charge for each article published on your blog.

as ArticleEx becomes increasingly popular with advertisers, there will be a wide range of articles that need producing and no two pieces will ever be the same. You may find yourself writing an in depth critique of a new technological breakthrough or commenting on a website, backlinking to it in order to increase its search engine ranking. You could also find yourself writing a news article about an up and coming fashion designer or reviewing the debut CD of the latest band. For those of you with a creative streak then ArticleEx will offer a perfect opportunity to showcase your writing skills, but there will always be enough information supplied by the client to ensure that you can write an excellent article even if it’s on a subject that you were not previously familiar with.

ArticleEx insist that all of their bloggers publish a disclosure badge at the end of their article. This small banner lets your readers know that the blog was paid for. Some people criticise blogs that promote products surreptitiously but by displaying this disclosure badge you are showing that your article has nothing to hide, and that it is proud to show that it comes from a reputable source.

If you have the drive, ability and desire to male money through publishing interesting and informative articles on your blog, then why not sign up for ArticleEx today and make your words work for you.