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Math lessons

My daughter is attending math classes for five Saturdays under the 2011 *MTAP-DepED NCR Saturday Program in Mathematics.

The program aims at giving students the chance to do Mathematics with some explorations without the threat of test, giving an intensive review of the work of the previous year and prepare the Grade 6 to 4th for 1st year and college respectively.

My daughter is interested to learn more about math and practice new techniques to work on her mathematical skills. Although my daughter is not inclined to take up tech careers like Data Mining Specialist Jobs that may require dealing with numbers, she wants to do well in math to maintain good grades.

*(MTAP) Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines.

A little history about MTAP: This is an organization of Mathematics teachers working together to promote excellence in Mathematics education. First organized in 1976 by Fr. Wallance G. Campbell, S.J. at the Ateneo de Manila University, MTAP has honed the mathematical skills of promising students through its Math Competition. For years, it has closely worked together with the Department of Education, enjoying strong support from the DepEd Regional Directors and Division Math Supervisors.

Source: mbfoundation.org.ph