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What to Know Before Purchasing Children’s Clothing Online

The Internet is a great place to find deals on kids clothes. However, the Internet has thousands of traps waiting for the uninformed shopper. Here are a few habits you should pick up to avoid getting snared and losing time and money. Make a point to:

• Shop at online stores only. While places like eBay or Craigslist.org may seem like the online equivalent to a clearance sale, often you’ll be left with little to no savings. First, many con artists like to lurk these sites. Second, even when you do find a deal, the time spent in retrieving the item or the shipping costs will often end up costing you just the same. On the other hand, most online stores have online only deals that are incredibly good savings. In addition, many stores include deals on shipping. In the end, the carefree purchase from an online store will be well worth it.

• Check online before you go. Like retail stores, online stores will often have clearance deals toward the end of a season. Unlike a retail store, their supply is nearly endless. Hence, their prices may be less than their retail counterpart may. Always check the online store before heading out. You might just save yourself a trip.

• Measure your children. The number one reason people are hesitant to shop for children online is that kids grow so fast. However, making it a habit of measuring your child every four months – or whenever his favorite shirt looks like it’s riding up a little too much – will curtail this concern. Whatever you do, don’t estimate it! Sometimes, shipping on returns will be your responsibility, so don’t take the risk!

The most important thing is to read all correspondence and agreements. Print out all receipts and keep them in a safe place. Moreover, most of all, enjoy the money you save shopping online!