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How to Help Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

Dealing with children can be hard but it can even be harder when children are exposed to situations that they have no control over. When a loved one dies, a child is usually confused because he/she does not understand the situation. Helping a child deal with loss can be hard especially if the adults are also dealing with the loss on their own.

In order to help children cope with loss, it is important that adults will take responsibility of explaining what death is to the child. It would have to be explained in terms that children will understand so that they can get a good grasp of what death is. Do remember that the explanation will highly depend on how old the children are. It is important to be honest and open and to make them realize that it is okay to feel sad or lonely because of what has happened.

Taking the Child to a Funeral

Do you think that it will be good for your children to be in a funeral? It will highly depend on you and your child’s age. Usually, children who are aged from 6 – 10 can already go because they already have a good concept of what death is but do remember that there are some younger children who may also have a deeper understanding of death.

Allowing Your Child to Say Goodbye

If the loved one is particularly close to the child, it will be important for the child to say goodbye. This will make things more final and will make it easier for the child to accept that the person will not be around physically anymore. Again, do not discourage children from crying or from feeling sad. Just remember to be there all the time to show that your presence is there to give comfort.

It might be best to take cremation services in Virginia so that you can be sure that your loved one is also in good hands while you are dealing with your loss and of course, dealing with the grief that children are also experiencing.

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