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Funny road attractions

Don’t you just find those long drives such a bore, especially when you are traveling on your own and there is nothing but you and the long road that stretched ahead? You can try focusing on your driving and the long, winding road in front of you for thirty minutes or so, but after awhile, it will become such a drag, you would wish you were somewhere else instead. You can listen to the music on the radio to keep you preoccupied, but after some time, the station would start playing songs you rather not listen too and you had no choice but to turn it off. Then you search for something else to keep you entertained until you reach your destination in a couple of hours or so.

Thank heavens for funny bumper stickers! every car that went past you to have one on their bumpers and it was a cool and interesting way to pass the time away, looking at them one by one. Reading their funny messages and admiring the very creative illustration sure is one amusing way of killing time on the road. Long before you know it, you would have read about a few dozen funny jokes on bumper stickers and you are approaching the road that leads to where you are going.