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Promote your business through Facebook

A lot of online businesses today maximize the potential of Facebook (described as the global social networking website) to launch and promote new products and services.

Since the largest audience share of FB is mostly adults, advertisers saw this as an effective Facebook marketing strategy for their company. A product or campaign’s popularity is normally gauged through the number of followers one site has gained. Once a site becomes popular, it draws more followers who eventually add the site to their favorite pages. Some paid post companies also utilize Facebook to promote their company to bloggers who do paid advertisements. Business people reach out to FB users’ friends and their connections virtually building a strong base of potential market.

Beside Facebook, businesses also employ email marketing solutions or sending out electronic mail or email messages to invite previous and new customers to try out existing products or convince current customers to purchase a new product or simply conducting surveys to improve their services.

I have received a couple of invitations from my email and I should say they almost convince me to buy a new beauty product they are promoting. 😀