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A glimpse of Oreo

This is just a quick introduction of the newest member of our family.

meet OREO.

isn’t he ADORABLE?

you’ll see more of this little guy in the coming days…ciao! 

A puppy!

My kids’ long time dream has finally come true. They are now the proud and excited owner of a cute puppy we named Oreo! My husband’s co-worker owned the puppy and was kind enough to give Oreo to us.

Oreo was swaddled like a baby when hubby took him home last night. The puppy was so calm all through out their travel from Makati to our home.

They arrived late and the kids didn’t see Oreo until this morning when they wake up early for school. I was excited last night and didn’t notice it was late to do my research on Appetite suppressant diet pills.

It was a joy to see how Oreo made my kids happy.