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Oh, feet!

We were at the mall last Saturday to buy some personal items. I was dead tired and sleepy when we got home. I feel like hitting the sack right away if only I don’t have kids to attend to. Well, my kids are no longer babies, but sometimes they need to be reminded to do certain things before going to bed (like brushing their teeth, etcetera).

I don’t hear any complaints from my kids like being tired or so from walking as long as they bought something from the bookstore. Lucky for them they’re young and don’t get tired easily like me. A few minutes of walking inside the mall could give me an instant leg pain. But I think I know an instant solution to my problem. A pair of compression stockings will do the trick for me. A college friend who is diabetic recommends compression stockings to relieve tired feet. Oh well, I have to thank her for that wonderful suggestion. My next visit to the mall will surely be a breeze.