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My family needs a car

My hubby and I have been discussing to save up for a second-hand car. Many of our close friends own a car and I’ve seen the practical side of having a family car. We can save P900 every month in paying for the school service because we can use the car in bringing and fetching our kids to school. We can also visit the places that we want to go to whenever we feel like it without having to worry about the costly taxi fare and the safety that goes with traveling long distance.

Hubby said the important thing to look for in a car aside from its appearance is that you can drive it with ease and feel safe while you’re behind the wheel. He said you’ll find driving enjoyable if the steering system of your car that include the steering box and steering rack are in good condition that they don’t bind, leak or sloppy.

My hubby checked out discountsteering.com and found that the site offers the largest selection of steering gearbox. We no longer have to worry about our future car’s steering system then as we have found a steering specialist.

What my husband needs to worry right now is to teach me how to drive. The only vehicle that I learn how to drive a long time ago was a bike.