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Business thrives during election

Election time is definitely a good season for venturing into business especially here in the Philippines. Businessmen made a lot of money from printing and novelty item designs.

Businessmen could attest to the fact that production and sales of banners, streamers, posters, flyers, stickers, key chains, t-shirts, caps, fans, and pens are high during election season.

Candidates can choose from a wide variety of promotional items that suit their taste, need and, of course, budget. Even if they buy or produce in bulk manufacturers of these election-related products ensure that their clients get the most of what they pay for. Those who are entrusted to display banner for the candidates ensure that they put up sturdy banner stand to hold their banner for a long time, at least until election period ends.

If I have an ample budget right now, I would like to establish my own company particularly making campaign paraphernalia with my husband at the helm. He can do the layout (if we are to print banners, posters and the like) while I can try conceptualizing catchy phrases or lines for imprint on caps, fans, etc.

I know a candidate from the south with a unique idea for campaign paraphernalia. He distributes apple with personalized stickers on it during his campaign sortie.

But the age-old campaign materials such as billboard, streamers, and t-shirts remain a hit in campaign propaganda.