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Intricate Beer Mugs

I don’t actually recommend drinking beer here. However, if you will ask me about Beer Stein, I would say it’s a cute beer mug anyone who collects mug or beer mug for that matter would love to have! Beer mugs, they made me think of my former officemates including a former editor, who meets up at a nearby eatery after office hours every night to drink beer. If I have known Beer Glassware back then, it would be one of the gift items I would definitely give my officemates and boss. I’m sure they will love it. I have a great time working with some of them being a reliable work partner so I’ll give them something to remember me by.

What made Beer Stein special? For one, beer steins originated from Germany. The European country is known for its great beer and yes for its hand crafted beer steins. Beer drinkers in the olden days have been collecting the most coveted beer stoneware. And would you believe there are beer steins made of wood other than its glass, pewter and porcelain versions. Cool, isn’t it?

Okay, beer steins and beer glassware are not cheap, but they are offering them on sale so if you are into collecting stuff, you can start off with these artsy beer mugs. You want to check them out?