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How to Decode Baby Talk

Decoding baby talk is probably one of the many skills a new mom has to learn to be able to provide her little one with the utmost possible care and nurturing that the baby deserves. How else can you give in to his every whim if you are not able to understand his demands in the first place? When your little one started to communicate verbally, whether with coos or aahs, or grunts perhaps, there are some tips you can follow to make sure he will be uttering his very first word in no time at all!

Firstly, make sure you provide him with baby toys that will encourage him to learn how to communicate. wooden toys, including wooden instruments and books, are perfect examples. You will help widen his vocabulary by letting him browse at pictures and images in books, making sure to tell him what those things in the picture are. Remember that babies learn through playing, and playing shapes his attitude towards himself and other people later on in life, too, so make sure he enjoys his time of play thoroughly.

Remember to speak to your child like he is all grown up. Refrain from baby talking him as he is most likely to mimic those words instead of the correct ones. Speak to him as if you are talking to someone who can fully understand you. This will encourage him to learn the actual words and not the baby talk equivalent. This way, you will be surprised that your child will skip this phase and utter his very first word clearly like a grown up would.

Another fool-proof way to encourage your child to talk is by reading to him. Read as much as you can. Read him bedtime stories or articles on baby magazine. Apart from being enjoyable and having a perfect alternative to watching TV, reading to him this early will instill in him a love for books and reading at a younger age that will work well for him when he grows up.