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A Tree’s Secret

artwork by NaomiT

By Naomi Torrecampo
First Year – Deuteronomy

Once, there was a tree
but it was not an ordinary tree
It was very big, larger than the world’s largest tree

For years, people wondered,
“How did it grow very big?” no answers came
Until a girl named Ruth decided to investigate
The top secret of that tree

So out she came to the woods in a cold, windy night
To amused herself, she imagined that she was a knight
Fighting for a battle she won it right

When she reached the tree, she found a small hole,
With a luminous light near the coal
Curious she went inside and found
The tree’s secret that small dwarfs was responsible

For the tree’s questionable size and strength
Satisfied, she went out the hole and decided to go home
It was almost morning and sleep in her big room