Poor eyesight can affect you child’s grades

My godson Stephen is an honor student but lately his grades have been affected by his eye problem. Stephen has been using an eyeglass since preschool. His mom was so worried about his son’s scholarship. He will not be able to read his textbooks and school notes without the aid of eyeglass. I feel for my godson. He can’t afford to lose his scholarship. One day I was busy mending my torn shirt when I saw this advertisement on TV. It’s amazing when the anchor said that a prescribed eye glasses only cost $8. I’ve heard about the brand from a fellow mommy before whose daughter has the same eye problem as Stephen. I remember her telling me about the benefits of the eyeglass to her daughter’s studies. I immediately called Stephen’s mom to share the good news. Guess what? She already knew about Zenni and on her way to visit an optometrist to have her son’s eyes checked.

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Zenni Optical vouching for the quality yet affordable prescription eyeglasses. The company uses state of the art technology for its materials; manufacturing and marketing systems. You can visit their site and check out their products.

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