Movies Galore

Now that school has ended my kids are looking for ways to while away the time. Aside from spending time browsing the Net, they enjoy watching VCDs and DVDs at the moment. When we go to the mall, the kids would check out VCD and DVD movies on sale. Sometimes we are lucky to find blockbuster movies arranged on sale rack. My kids especially my daughter is fond of watching old movies that were popular in the 1990s. One time we were at Video City for DVD hunting (again), I overheard this young couple who are looking for skullcandy, I thought they were looking for “candies”. It turned out they are looking for earphones as the sale representative gave the couple a set of earphones similar to the picture below. The kids and I had a good laugh after that incident. 😀

We left the music store (still laughing) with a copy of Rainman (a Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise starrer) and a couple of suspense movies for my son.

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