Kids and shopping

My big kids are my best buddy when it comes to shopping. They know the items that we need to buy and how much budget we have for the items. I also trust their judgment when it comes to choosing their personal stuff. They don’t just pick anything that is beyond our budget. They also love to check out online stores. Sometimes they search for items like drawing materials, books, gadgets, etc.  My kids have yet to hear about Black Friday, it is the biggest shopping day of the year after Thanksgiving in the US. We don’t have Black Friday in the Philippines, but we can also enjoy big discounted items sold in US stores through I’m now checking out used Harry Potter books being sold for $1.65 per piece. Kids are excited!

2 thoughts on “Kids and shopping

  1. chubskulit

    Don't shop during black friday sis hehehe, with two kids in tow, it's not worth the crowd.. Sometimes we check online though..


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