Christmas gift ideas for college students

Image courtesy of stockimages at
Image courtesy of stockimages at

I have written about this list before but it can still provide some insights on what to give your picky college students. You can add to this list.

  • Camera – This is probably for those who like arts and taking pictures.
  • A good book – There are still a lot of people right now who cannot put down a good book. A college student who is supposedly more serious will appreciate this.
  • USB flash drives in different designs – There are some people who just cannot resist the unique designs of the USB.
  • Accessories for Gadgets – College students are usually busy and would like to keep their gadgets protected with the right accessories.
  • Journal – A lot of people would not admit it but they still write their thoughts on paper.
  • usb piano keyboard – This is perfect for those who love music and music gadgets.

These things will surely be appreciated.

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